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DesignLink Architecture & Planning has completed numerous custom home renovations in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our services start with the design phase and we can manage the entire project.  We are extremely familiar with the City of Scottsdale building codes and regulations.  Our home remodeling services include:

  • Kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Interior design
  • Construction documents for remodels
  • Demolition plans
  • Architectural renderings
  • Project management

Tips for your home remodel

Know what you want

The funnest part of a home remodel is to explore ideas and to explore your creative ideas and wishes.  There are a lot of resources that can give you create ideas on how to transform your home. Here are some great links to home remodeling resources:

When you have a good clear vision of what you want then find an architect that will share in your vision.  Communicate your ideas and wishes to your architect from both an aesthetic standpoint and functional view.  The good architects will be able to share in your vision and provide you with good suggestions and guidance for the project.

Be aware of city codes, design standards, and city ordinances

If you are aware of the design standards, ccr's, and ordinances you could save yourself some time.  Remodel projects have to be inspected by the governing city and if they do not comply then revisions to the construction documents will be required.  Have a look at the City of Scottsdale's building code information to find good information on what is accepted.  This is something we are very familiar with as well and can make sure your project complies with the City of Scottsdale's building codes.

Request examples of work and references

Make sure you ask your architect or contractor to for previous examples of work within the City of Scottsdale.  You need to make sure you hire someone that has experience with the Scottsdale Building Codes and other city regulations.  Successful projects is a great way to know whether or not your architect or project manager has enough experience with remodeling projects within the City of Scottsdale.  Be sure to validate all references and be assertive about viewing the project yourself.

Why hire DesignLink for your home remodel?

We have been actively working in Scottsdale and surrounding areas for over 28 years and we are familiar with the City of Scottsdale building codes and regulations.  Managing the budget, schedule, and contractors also takes attention to detail and lots of experience.  The contractors we have built relationships with over the past 30+ years are reliable and trustworthy.  You can count on us to deliver the remodel of your dreams and manage the project from start to finish.

Customer service is important to us. We strive to establish a healthy relationship with our clients to deliver the best results.

Debra Weisberg and her team at DesignLink Architecture and Planning were just named Best of Houzz for customer service in 2019!