Luxury Bathroom Design and Renovation in Scottsdale

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DesignLink Architecture & Planning offers full scale Bathroom remodeling and design services throughout the city of Scottsdale and surrounding areas. We have an extensive bathroom design portfolio and we are always looking to take on new and exciting projects.

Benefits of Hiring DesignLink for your Bathroom Remodel

The biggest benefit is our experience.  We have over 28 years of working on a wide range of architectural projects in Scottsdale, Arizona including many custom residential bathroom designs and remodels.  We are familiar with the City of Scottsdale's building codes and regulations.  This is important because if the project is not designed properly then it will get held up as you try to pass inspection.

DesignLink can manage the project from start to finish.  When you hire DesignLink we will take care of managing the budget, schedule, and hiring contractors we trust 100% to do the job right and on within the budget.

Services We Offer

We offer the following bathroom remodeling and design services:

  • schematic design
  • architectural drawings & renderings
  • construction documents
  • bathroom remodel floor plans
  • demolition plans
  • project management
  • equipment specifications
  • bathroom fixture specifications

Bathroom Remodel Budget Considerations

Floor Plan

Work with your architect and explore the budget variations based on different floor plans.  If you don't have to move existing plumbing fixtures it could save you a lot of money.

Use existing tubs, showers, and sinks

Old tubs and sinks can provide a unique opportunity to refinish and use them again.  Depending on the look and style of your new bathroom this could provide a whole new level of customization.  It will sot much less to refinish existing equipment than buy them new.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Do you have existing windows or does the bathroom has access to the outside via an outer wall or roof?  These can also be great opportunities to make the bathroom a special place and reduce the need for electrical fixtures.  Using natural light can minimize immediate costs and long term electricity costs.

Recent Luxury Bathroom Design Example

Luxurious Contemporary Bathroom Design Example

Current Bathroom Remodeling Project Rendering

Modern Bathroom Remodel Architectural Rendering