Our Process

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Our Process

Unlike other design firms, we are involved from assisting with site selection, through to the final interior design including putting towels in the closet!

The client is in charge of the service they want us to provide:

  • Designlink divides the project into two basic phases. DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS.
  • Although we offer other services, the client knows where they are in the process.
  • We do not proceed into PHASE 2 without written consent from the client.
  • We are available once drawings are complete, to "hand hold" the client through the entire process.
  • We can specify all elements of the project, including assisting with contractor selection and construction administration.


It is important to understand the Architectural contract. Designlink provides many different services, and those are outlined in our proposal/contract.  We have the client initial and date the items they are contracting for. Clients should be aware that for city permits that Engineering is required.   That is shown as a line item, in addition to the architecture fees. This encompasses electrical, mechanical, structural and civil services.  Depending on the scope of work and the municipality, not all of these services are ALWAYS required.    The client should ask and be aware of what might be charged in addition to the actual architecture and interior design fees.